Welcome to the Helianto Project

Helianto project is designed to provide an easy path to build a secure ORM/dependency injection server side application. Helianto strongly relies on the Spring Framework, Acegi Security and Hibernate to achieve this.

Project Goals

Project goals are:

  • encourage the use of dependency injection and object relational mapping,
  • shorten development time necessary to wire up usual persistence and service beans, like data sources, daos, transaction management, internationalization,
  • provide common extensible domain structure and services to meet the requirements of applications that may share user authentication and authorization across different organizations, as well as customer and supplier relationship management, production process structure and more,
  • make integration tests easier, and
  • provide a minimal web application template with secure access presentation layer included.
Goals are consistent with the mission statement (see the reference guide).

Creating New Projects Based on Helianto

Projects extending Helianto may:
  1. include Helianto dependencies in a new Maven project pom,
  2. extend (or create) domain, dao or service beans to implement the desired functionality,
  3. update dependency injection context definition required by the new dao or service beans,
  4. run unit and integration tests,
  5. write the presentation layer using a MVC framework of choice, as Struts, JSF, Spring or Spring Web Flow,
  6. if using Spring Web Flow, add provided credential and access flows as plugins,
  7. run additional tests, and
  8. deploy the application to a servlet container.
Although Helianto imposes no restriction to the presentation layer, use of Freemarker and Sitemesh is encouraged.

Project Status

Helianto project is currently "work in progress".